La Fille Mal Gardee


Ferdinand Herold


Oleg Vinogradov


This production was build in St.Petersburg, Russia by Vozrozhdenie, Ltd. Set design by internationally renown designer Vyacheslav Okunev, costumes by Anna Kotlova. Ballet in 2 acts, 4 scenes (Scene1, Act I – The Village, scene 2, Act II - The Field (with working windmill), Scene I, Act II – The interior of the house, Scene II, Act II – Exterior of the Church in the village). Production includes the special “flying” effect of Alan. (the traveler is included in the inventory list of the production)

It is a new production which was presented in Indianapolis by BI twice by 8 performances total and was rented for one performance by other company. Original package is available and includes choreography by former Artistic Director of the Kirov Ballet Oleg Vinogradov. Recording music as well as the orchestra parts are available through Theatrical rentals. This version was stage for more than 25 ballet companies worldwide. Theatrical Rentals is representing Mr. Vinogradov and the production can be staged by your request. Obtaining the rights of the production as well as all negotiations with the choreographer is the responsibility of the Theatrical Rentals. Eldar Aliev has restaging rights. The promo dvd is available at your request.